Effort done by experience and investments enable  us to supply the finest qualities of ITALIAN knitwear at a very competitive prices.

We have to thank you all our partners for the wonderful-year, where new products and technologies could be introduced in our  market as seam less operation on all gaugues available.

Our customers experience a high degree of customer services and gave us more value in terms of services and quality products.

We have introduced this year a re-fresh web e-com shop which is starting now to give its good results  along with the great success we still have on Amazon platform along all Europe.

Current project speak about entering the USA Amazon System with an increase of visibility around different countries in America.

Our designer introduce weekly new products in the European stores offering newness to the customers weekly wishes.

What is offered is re designed garments produced with left over quantity of material from previous lot of production or using left over mill yarns at a very competitive conditions.

We recycle 100% of any waist and loss to follow our “Green Project” ongoing since 2018.

As well we try to use a component of Recycled products we can grab out of production stages.

Company is under registration and Audit  to be complete part of the a complete RVS cycle of production offering a total green process of production.


Our customer experience ha a high degree of customer service and rank us a great quality  supplier in knitwear and wool accessories.

Projects of collection and their development is internally manufact and the first proto is made our of or sample department.

Near Future:

We are introducing in house a linking department able to absorb a high amount units daily/1000 on gauges14,12,7,5 which are the gauges we get more question about.

This will include one of the most important project in house.

Timing and lead time.

On top of our own collection we offer a development design service to provide a proto in about 2 weeks time and SMS in another 4 weeks

Same is on yarns available in the company, when can switch production in about 5 weeks time on all gauge.

Our MOQ depends on products.
Pure cashmere is about 100 units per color
Other fibers 300 units per color

 DTM color can be available for bulk from 2 to 5 weeks, where Plain cols need to reach about 90 units and melange 1000 per col as it is top died and this is the very best minimum.

We use at the moment Italian Spinner only, and for summer season we also offer production thru’ Turkish Cotton Mill Company that offer a very competitive quality pure cotton.

Pricewise we try to offer a quality product at a very competitive prices and we have a chance to outsource production from cheaper sources.

The Brunella Gori business was built on its famous Extra Fine Merino production, internationally acknowledged not only to be of the finest quality but also outstanding value for money. The Fine Merino collection is available in a range of timeless classic styles and seasonal on-trend colours. As a result, the company and has become the supplier of choice for major brands and retailers for their core collections.

As you would expect Italian design flair distances Brunella Gori from its competitors and is the cornerstone of a very large collection for men, women and children embracing the finest natural yarns from cotton to cashmere and a profusion of knitting techniques covering all the bases from competitively priced core collections to inspired and unique designer fashion.

The Brunella Gori formula for success is based on flexibility in meeting market trends with speed, consistency and accuracy. The team of in-house designers and technical experts manage a substantial production on 29 looms and 75 Shima Seiki electronic machines for 3,5,7 and 12gg production. Production capacity is approximately 15.000 garments per week.

From the early days, the company has specialized in Intarsia product in up to nine colors made on last generation technologies machinery, and elecotronic cotton looms operated by specialist subcontractors with a capacity of about 1,500 garments per week, more complicated Intarsia is developed on Mitsubishi and Steigher machinery.

Production lead times are generally 6 (six) weeks from the sealed sample date when yarns are available from our extensive stock. Strict quality control at every stage, including upon receipt of all materials, reduces production lead-time, facilitates accurate and efficient costing and ensures that all products meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Brunella Gori has developed a unique production approach, which combines ‘state-of-the-art’ production methodology with a passion for innovation and the finest materials, coupled with an in depth knowledge of traditional methods. Skilled craftsmen are aided, rather than replaced by, automation and the latest computer assisted design and manufacturing techniques

Contact Us:
Brunella Gori
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tel: +39 059 699970